Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Books

I thought that today I would post a list of my top ten book series. The majority are YA fiction . Next post will probably be about books I dislike and reasons Im getting a little sick of typical YA fiction.

TOP TEN SERIES (not in any order)

Mortal Instuments/Infernal Devices My guilty pleasure one of two series I have gotten really Obsessed with. Tottaly in love with it, Its all about the sub main charectors in this one. Favirote is Simon nerd/geek boys are awesome. Also <3 Malec  Yes I know its not really the same series but they are apart of the same world so I up them together. Tessa's has some really good book loving qoutes I have them up on my wall. When Dark Artifices comes out I will probably love that one too. I cant belive we have to wait 2 years for the last mortal instument book though D: .

Vampire Academy My first supernatural YA love. This is the other series I was obessed with. Oh Christan Ozera, My first YA fiction crush, Love broken boys.  A little upset with the end, only because we dont hear much about Christian, his got what was the shock of his life with that twist ending and all we hear is like a 2 sentence thing from Lissa. I was a little dispointed. But he could alwas show up in Bloodlines (companion novel) that series is good to and Eddy is in it (my other crush from this series)

Divergent Love Love Love, one of the two dsytopians in my top ten sadly. If you havent read this read it. My divergent copy and my insergent copy are both out to friends, I love recomending this series to people.

Gone Micheal Grant...he is...well I have a post about my love for him already so go see that. His writeing is amazing, Dark series Really Dark, but so beautifly written. Not something you should read if you dont like violence.

Mercy Thompson Oh look one that isnt YA lol. Yes this is one my only adult series I follow. Mercy is Bada** tottaly love everyone in this series. Even the bad guys are pretty cool. Currently wait for the companion series Alpha and Omega from the library.

Raised by Wolves Werewolf  I seen a lot of dislike for this one, but I love it. Bryn is one of the strongest female charectors and shes Human wich is rare in Supernatural YA I like that..Ok so human with a psycic ablity but still.

Secrets of the Imortal Nicolas Flamel I never expected to like this book series, my dad was reading it for a while and would tell me to read it. I finally picked up the book LOVE IT. Its all about the charectors for me in this one. There is some great historical figures, I really want to try and use this series in my future classroom. Josh is my faviorte charector. Recently finished the last book, it was great, bittersweet and perfect.

Unearthly Not a huge of fan of angel books, but I have to admit that this series is great. Love this book series the second book Hollowed put it into the top ten. Plus who doesnt love a southern boy <3 Tucker, Just leanred the tittle of the third book BOUNDLESS  cant wait to get it.

Unwind There is no word to expess my absoultly LOVE of this book. Im dieing to get my hands on the long awaited sequal UnWolly

Harry Potter Had to be on the list, its the first book I really remeber reading an Adoring. I was nine.

Anything by Jodi Picoult All her books are great, I dont read a lot of Contempary books as you an see by my list. Everything by her is deep, well researched and meaningful. None of these books are really in a series though...


Honorable Mentions

Soulscreamers Read the whole series up to the lastest book in two weeks. I almost put this in the top cause it has some really unique ideas and a diffrent creatures to the typical ones. Plus I Todd is great :D. And I love any series that does something diffrent with the romance. This one has a realistic break up, most YA couples are set in stone forever (one of my pet peeves, see next post). But I kinda hate Nash and I cant decided if Kaylee's  hero (heroine) compex is to annoying.

Darkest Powers Like I said I like nerd/geek boys. Main girl is a little to nice for me though. The Darkness Rising series is good too.

Shade trilogy Ghost, romance, scottish accent :3, If you really like romance this series is the one for you. Its a little more mautre then most YA though, I woudlnt read it if you are under 16.

Uglies trilogy Nice little dystopian the first one was good, and the second, the third honestly I barly remeber the third wich is weird cuase I have an really good memory and I rember the fourth book fine.

Maze Runner Good series nice little mysteries in it. A little annoyed by how little got solved.

Hunger Games good book series, movie was really great, Not a top one because I still havent forgiven Katniss for certian events in the third book.

Matched cool dystopian, I kind wish they focused on some of the other ellements of it instead of the just the matching stuff.

Delirium Liked the first one, teared up at the end. Second one was good...I liked the parts what werent about the new random romance tottaly expected the ending though. Good series if you really like romance. Tottaly love the little bits in the begining of the chapters.

Across the Universe This series is unique and its pretty good.

Ok so my honorable mention list got longer then I thought it would be. This is close to every series Ive read now.
Currenty Reading The Looking Glass Wars

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OMG: Best Day Ever, Changing Hand Book Store, ARCS, and Michael Grant

      I just had the best day ever.
      So I'm studding right now to be a teacher, today I had my first observation. My teacher came in and watched me teach a lesson. It when how I expected, I need a Lot more practice but I know that. After that I went out to a great lunch, and then the library. I picked up to books, the second and third of the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs, great series.
      Then I left to go to my college. I called my dad as a walked into Circle K to buy some ice tea, to tell him that I got the books. He told that Michael Grant was coming to Changing Hand Bookshop, a great book store that I had only heard of.
       Now I LOVE Michael Grant, He is the author of the Gone Series, one of my top three series currently. So I excited asked my dad when he was going to be there. And then my day went bad for about 2 seconds, my dad said "Tonight". I was SO mad, I was screaming at him, how could he tell me that now, why would he tell me that when he knew I had school form 5pm to 930pm so I could never go.
        It took me a few seconds to realise, I only had school from 5pm to 7pm tonight, because my second class was canceled. I still had the problem of the event starting at 7pm, but luckily my school was only about 20 minutes away from eh book store. Right after class I ran to my car and drove as fast as I legally could, (speeding scares me <.<). I got to the store at 725pm, I was expecting a crowed, because ITS MICHAEL GRANT. The store was almost empty, so I walked to the back, and found a group of about six people, an awesome employee Robin and Micheal Grant sitting on chairs just chatting. I quickly just sat down on a chair, and joined the conversation.
BEST TIME EVER. Found out Gone is being made into a movie possibly last time I heard anything about it Grant said it was practically impossible for that to happen. I learned a lot about some other random book stuff which was awesome. Michael Grant is amazing, he is really interesting and friendly.
         I won a contest for an ARC copy of a book he co wrote with his wife, called Eve and Adam. It doesn't come out tell October. The first chapter is amazing, I don't think I'm going to be sleeping tonight.
           OH Fear the next book in the Gone Series comes out in less then a week (six days). Cant wait to get my hand on this book.
           The only problem I have now is, to many books to read, but luckily I ready fast.
Also Changing Hand book store is fantastic.

Currently Reading Eve and Adam

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sick and Happy

So today I woke up sick, I'm on antibiotics so I was feeling weak and tired. I stayed in bed tell one, and then got up in my PJ's and went on to my laptop. checking my email i found an email from my public library that said the copy of shade I requested was now available.

A few months ago i put another book on hold. Bloodlines the first book in the new Vampire Academy companion series. I have been waiting for this book since Vampire Academy ended over a  year ago. Bloodlines came out yesterday, and i have no money so I put it on hold, lucky me i was the second person in line waiting for it. I thought that the library would take a while to get their copy's of the book, but after my email about Shade I decided to check my library account online and just see if I had any other holds available. I had just a fleeting hope that Bloodlines would be around and the email was taking a little longer.

Two holds, I had two holds and one look at the titles had me jumping right off the couch and running to my room to get dressed. I was in the car with in 5 minutes of finding out, and I couldn't stop grinning.
Now I have a copy of Bloodlines in my hands, I'm SO EXCITED. I love books so much. A book healed me, i was feeling awful and now I feel amazing jittery and hyper. I wish I knew people who read the books I do but most people I know either don't read or just don't have the same taste as me.

I cant wait to start reading but to be fair I'm in the middle of reading Raised by Wolves, which so far is a great book that I highly recommend. I want to finish that one before I start reading but I will make sure I finish it by tonight and i will probably start reading Bloodlines tonight too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello to no one.

This blog is for me. I tend to ramble about things that excite me, the problem is that no one wants to listen or knows what I’m talking about. Its fine because I just need to get the words out into the world, doesn’t matter if anyone hears.
I get this feeling of gushing when I read a good book, see a good movie or TV show, even hear a good story joke or riddle.  I’m generally a very quiet person.

My number one thing right now, books. I’ve always been a huge book worm; I was even president of my middle school book club before I moved. In the last 2 years though I’ve been very busy with school and leisure reading got pushed back to the bottom of my list. The last 3 months I have been out of school and I will be out of school for the rest of the year. Ever since I’ve been out I have been absorbing books. I really mean absorbing; I read books in half a day. In the last 3 months I have gone through 10 different series up to the last book out.
My favorite Genre in books, I really like rebellion books, so dysfunctional society being rebelled against. Those are my favorite in any form, I not really sure if this is a real genre. I currently like supernatural teenage fiction, so YA fiction. My obsession right now is, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devises, Series' by Cassandra Clare. Those books are amazing, I really love a lot. I also enjoy the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong.

I will watch anything. Any movie, TV show, play and I will enjoy them all. Most of my favorite movies have a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I have really bad tastes in entertainment apparently.

Music is amazing, I love it allot all kinds, except most screamo. Every day I take a at least 1 thirty minute walk a day, not to exercise or lose weight (though I could use it) but to listen to my mp3 player and work out plot lines in my head. My brain likes to work in stories.